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Thursday, November 27, 2014

DIY: Christmas Tree Decorating on a Budget PLUS a DIY Christmas Ornament for the Kids!

Christmas Decorating on a Budget plus an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Ornament

It really feels like Christmas now! Our Advent Calendar is all set, our Christmas Lights are up we've been baking lots of Healthy Christmas Recipes and we have lots of fun events planned for the coming weeks (and Jesse's brother will be here before we know it!).

But you just can't have a Christmas-y home without a tree - right?! I loveeeeeeee Christmas decorations but Christmas trees have to be my favourite. I'm the one who squeals with delight when Christmas decorations start popping up in shopping centres (even if they do start in October - that's fine by me :P) and the one who begs Jesse to have "picnic dinners" by the Christmas tree - twinkling lights and all. 

I'm also very particular when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. There has to be a theme and it has to match - and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase do not try and touch my tree with tinsel (tinsel gives me the heebie jeebies!). 

This year, we decided to show you how you can create an incredible tree (and super cute DIY decorations) on a budget - because Christmas shouldn't cost you the earth! Together with our friends at The Reject Shop, we've created a gorgeous Christmas tree for under $100!

In fact, the tree, lights and all of the decorations only cost us: $94.50

Let me show you how we created our tree on a budget - as well as show you our super cute DIY Snowman Ornament! >>

Christmas Decorating on a Budget plus an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Ornament

Christmas Decorating on a Budget plus an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree First you'll want to know what you need - right? Here's what we used (as well as prices and total cost for you savvy shoppers!):

You can find everything we used on our Christmas Tree at The Reject Shop!

  • 1x 180cm Pine Look Christmas Tree - $45
  • 1x Sparkly Silver Star Tree Topper - $6
  • 1x 300 Light LED Fairy Light Set (in warm white) - $20
  • 2x Packs of 4 Glitter Snowflake Ornaments (one in red and one in silver) - $2.50 each/$5 in total
  • 4x Packs of 6 Medium Baubles (two in red and two in silver) - $2 each/$8 in total
  • 2x Packs of 10 Small Baubles (one in red and one in silver) - $2 each/$4 in total
  • 1x Packs of 10 Silver Bells - $2.50
  • 2x Packs of 10 Small Baubles (one in red and one in silver- $2 each/$4 in total
Total Cost: $94.50

Christmas Decorating on a Budget plus an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

First things first! You'll want to choose your tree!

We chose the 180cm Pine Look Christmas Tree from The Reject Shop which is just $45. I'm a bit of a traditionalist so I went for a standard pine look tree, however, the Reject Shop has heaps of different options including a sleek and stylish pencil look tree.

Perhaps the most important step when setting up your Christmas tree is to ensure you've got a sturdy base! You want to place your tree on a flat surface and ensure you've locked your stand into place properly - then you're ready to set it up and fluff out your branches (the second most important step as your want your tree to have volume!)

How to choose the right lights for your Christmas Tree

Next, it's time to add your lights! We choose a traditional look once again, opting for a 300 Light Set of LED Fairy Lights in a Warm White ($20 a set) to go with our red and silver theme. The one set did our entire tree, however, as our tree was placed in a corner, we only had to put them on the front and sides - so you may want to grab two sets (or one smaller 100 light set) if you want to wrap them all the way around!

How to choose the right topper for your Christmas Tree

Now, the next step is debatable - some would say leave the tree topper to last, but I always put it on before my decorations so that I can make sure my decorations fit with the topper (err Kristy, your OCD is showing ;P)

We went for a simple sparkly star topper in silver which was just $6 and matched our theme perfectly!

How to decorate a Christmas tree on a budget

And now you're ready to decorate! This year, as you can see above, we went for a silver and red theme and we picked up all of our ornaments at The Reject Shop when we bought our tree. My tip is to always get a little bit more than you think you'll need - there's always a space that looks odd that needs filling and you can always take them back or keep them as spares if you find you don't need them!

How to choose and place your Christmas ornaments

For our tree this year we used Glitter Snowflakes ($2.50 a pack of 4), small and medium red and silver baubles ($2 for 6 or 10 packs) and cute little silver bells ($2.50 for 10). Sounds simple, but looks awesome! 

I made sure to evenly space them, alternating red and silver and matt and shiny baubles and adding the snowflakes and bells in-between. The first things I put on were the snowflakes, so that I knew where to place my baubles!

And of course, be sure to add in our DIY Snowmen Handprint Ornaments, made using the medium baubles! - the instructions are a little further down!

How to decorate your Christmas Tree on a Budget

But once your tree is finished - why stop there?! 

How to decorate your Christmas Tree on a Budget

How to decorate your Christmas Tree on a BudgetWe decided to add some extra ooooomph to our Christmas tree by adding a tree skirt (read: Christmas table cloth as I couldn't find a tree skirt to match - you can also just use some Christmas-y fabric!), some wrapped presents to match the tree (though this is just the start as we're not that organised when it comes to Christmas presents!) and some cute Christmas decorations - some extra baubles scattered here and there, a HoHoHo sign and a sparkly reindeer.

I love adding decorations underneath the tree to tie everything together!

And don't worry! I'll be sharing some awesome Christmas wrapping ideas over the coming weeks so that you can add some gorgeous presents beneath your tree!
Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

But perhaps my favourite decoration was created for some friends of ours! Jesse and I kidnapped them (with permission!) for a "Crafternoon" so that we could create these super cute Snowman Hand Print Ornaments!

They are so so cute - and so easy to make - so let me show you how to make them!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

To make these ornaments, you'll need;
  • Medium baubles ($2 for 6 at The Reject Shop)
    We used red to let the snowmen standout, but you could use any colour you like! I find you get the best results on the matte baubles so be sure to use them!
  • Acrylic paint
    You'll need white, black and orange for this project (you can find acrylic paint for $3 per medium tube at The Reject Shop)
  • Some paint brushes
    We used one thicker paint brush for painting the boys' hands and one thinner one for adding the details 
  • Glitter (if you like!) - you'll want to find a fine glitter or glitter sand for the best results! 
  • PVA glue (if adding snow)
Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

First you'll have to paint a medium-thick layer of white paint onto the palm of your child's hand (you can do it with adult hands if you like - just use a bigger bauble :P). It will be tickly, so let them know beforehand!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

Next, help your child curl their fingers up and around the bauble to make a print (which will later become your snowmen!). You'll want them to hold the bauble tightly enough to make a print but not so tight that their fingers slip!

If something happens and you make a big mess, just wipe the paint off with a wet cloth, dry and start over!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

Now you'll want to leave your bauble to dry completely before painting on the details. 

So that you don't smudge the paint, try hanging your bauble on a string over a curtain rail or place it upside down over a shot-glass or small cup (ensuring the paint doesn't touch the cup). 

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

Once your paint is all dry, it's time to add in the details! 

Using your orange paint and a thin paint brush, paint some noses onto your five snowmen (the five finger prints!). 

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

After adding the noses, it's time to add on some eyes! Carefully dot black paint onto your snowmen faces using a thin paintbrush. 

Next your snowman needs a mouth! Add some small black dots in the shape of a smile for the perfect snowman mouth!

Then you'll need to leave your bauble to dry completely once again.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

After your details are dry, you may want to add on some glittery snow!

All you have to do to add your snow is carefully add some small dots of PVA glue over your bauble - and then sprinkle your glitter over the glue! You may also use glitter glue if you prefer. 

Leave your baubles to dry completely before placing on your tree!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

And then you're ready to pop your baubles on the tree! We wrote each of the boys' names and the year on the bottom of each bauble. You could do this with paint, however, a sharpie/permanent market is much neater and easier! 

But tell me, does your Christmas Tree have a theme this year?
And what's your favourite Christmas Ornament?
Jesse and I have multiple favourite Christmas ornaments as each one I buy a new ornament to match the year that was. Our first Christmas together (in the same country, that is!) I got a cute Mickey and Minnie Our First Christmas Ornament which was then followed by our customised engagement ornament, followed by our wedding ornament and this year I have something fun planned for this past year! :P 


  1. An ornament for the kids to ME to make, haha! I love it! So cute!
    My favorite ornament is my "1st Christmas" baby ornament. It is just so special to me and I always have to have it on the tree every years!

  2. Awwwh, I have one of those too! They are definitely a must-have!

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  4. That's so cute for the kids! What a great idea. I get so excited when Christmas stuff comes up in the stores, too! David Jones was my favourite place to visit as a kid as they always had such a beautiful display.

    Fauna Lou

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  14. Pad See Ew! My absolute favourite dish to order when we get Thai take-out. Beautifully sweet soy, silky flat noodles, crunchy vegetables.. everything you could want and more

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